Thank you very much for the great lesson today. It’s already paid off huge dividends. I played Braintree GC today and shot the second best round of my life. 75 from the blues. I tried to keep in mind three things. 1. keeping control of the club at the top of my back swing.
2. I tried not to sway to the right past that point of no return. and 3. open my hips toward the target on the downswing. I hit the ball so well that even when I felt I was going over the top my ball still went straight. I think because I was opening my hips well and squaring the club face. I only missed about four greens and I got up and down on three of them. I played so well ( and putted well) that that score included three birdies in a row (9,10,11 ) and three penalty strokes (one water ball and two laterals ). I usually birdie about one hole every two rounds. I’m so stoked right now,,, if you couldn’t tell. I’ll practice what you told me and play again Sunday. Thank you so much! I’ll get in touch with you later for another lesson in August.

Thanks, BA